The Outer Game

Game I has been completed. This board will no longer accept submissions. But please explore.

Game II will begin very soon.

Welcome to the Submissions Page. Scroll down to see all the posts and to make a submission. Here you can play a Glass Bead Game by submitting your ideas for Game content or connections. These submissions are the moves in our Game. Have fun and remember to relate your submission to the core wave that there is a primary distinction between inside and outside.

  • These submissions are The Outer Game. Submissions that are related reasonably well to the core wave are converted to the graphical Inner Game, which we are all working together to create. All Inner Game moves are listed on the Main Map of the Inner Game. It is very useful to have a basic feel for the style of the Inner Game pages. Go to the Main Map at any time and access all the moves in the Inner Game!

  • For an overview of the Game (or as a remedy to any confusion) take our Guided Tour at any time. It isn't required but players interested in more detail about the Game are invited to read the complete Instructions for All Players. There are also Instructions for Master Players.

  • Submissions can be any length. However it is very helpful to make a detailed "Full Submission." Simply read the Instructions for Full Submissions.

  • GET A FREE T-SHIRT or CAP. The Players who submit the next three Full Submissions that are moved to the Inner Game will also receive a free T-Shirt or Cap.

  • HOLY COW: Game I ends midnight January 17, 1997. ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT. Wow. An important note: There are a number of moves with no connection tunnels yet to other moves. Please make submissions for connections in the remaining days. Please post some follow ups describing connections. Any full submissions would also be appreciated. Check The Inner Game to see which moves have few or no connections. THANKS. Racing toward the end and the big map of all the moves and connnections. The Game I festival and the meditation on the whole "Inner Game" will be on the weekend of January 17th, in the desert just outside of Tucson Arizona, and where ever you may be. : ) If you are interested in coming to Tucson, contact us by email for more info. (BYOB!) NOTE: A Game of this scope, like any deep lesson in life, is not quickly absorbed. Read a page or two a day.

  • Please post comments or suggestions about the Game here as well. And please Email us if you like at We will directly answer as many Emails as we can.

  • Some legal mumbo jumbo:The Game will also own all the submissions but players will keep a shared ownership of their submissions. In other words we reserve the right to use submissions in any way we see fit and you maintain your right to use your original submission in any way you see fit as well. We reserve the right to delete any post we feel is inappropriate.

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