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Illusion of Time Death is a Silence

"It's impossible to separate the notions of Time and Death, in my opinion - without one, there is no other.

Seth has some interesting notions on the concept of Time. Seth [the name given to the channeling of author Jane Roberts] said that 'the past' is subjective - it was subjectively interpreted 'at the time', and has since been rearranged in our memories to suit other agendas, or as attitudes and associations changed. All is now. He acknowledged the existence of so-called time ripples, whereby the present can affect the past, and the future can affect the present, but said that the whole thing was immaterial anyway, as time "has no meaning without barriers". He went on to say that his explaining time to us lesser beings was as futile as trying to describe color to a blind man, sound to a deaf one.

I interpret his comments as him saying time is an illusion caused by our current inability to see everything in every reality all at once - our human limitation. There are worlds out there to explore that are on no maps: perhaps as we humans continue to evolve, our mental sophistication will leap through itself? Perhaps the evolution drive is heading in this direction. I hope so. Does any of this explain deja vu experiences? Probable realities and doppelgangers? Or what we call reincarnation?"

-- Shirley Knott

"Perhaps death (and life) is connected to time or impossible without time? But if time is an illusion then maybe so is death (and life)?

-- Robert Cohen

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